VisualGDB SDK Documentation

IExpressionChildProvider.QueryChildren Method

Queries the children of an expression (e.g. values of the fields in a C++ class).

ExpressionChildRange QueryChildren(
   int firstChild,
   int childCount


Specifies the zero-based index of the first expression child to query
Specifies the amount of children to query.

Return Value

Returns a range object containing any subrange of children within the requested range (e.g. all children if GDB does not support partial queries)


This method can return any subrange of the requested child range. This happens as different versions of GDB use different ways of specifying the private/public/protected modifiers and some of the versions can only query all children at the same time. VisualGDB uses the returned range object to cache as much information as it can and to minimize the amount of GDB commands it issues.

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