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NDK Development made easy

Common development tasks out-of-the-box:

  • Create a new NDK-based application from scratch
  • Clone NDK samples to experiment with features
  • Make a copy of any Android App project on your hard disk
  • Debug native part of an Eclipse-based app in Visual Studio
  • Debug Java and C++ code simultaneously.

Workarounds for common NDK toolchain bugs:

Want more? Read the Android tutorial or see the video intro.

Full power of Visual Studio Debugger

Save time debugging your native App with Visual Studio:

  • Hover mouse over expression to see its value
  • Modify expressions on-the-fly
  • Drag the yellow instruction pointer to set next statement
  • Enjoy the convenient watch and call stack windows
  • Use the annotated disassembly view

Build messages and IntelliSense

More than just debugging! VisualGDB simplifies development:

  • Error messages from NDK are shown in Errors window
  • NDK headers are imported in IntelliSense
  • The android:debuggable attribute is updated automatically

Easy deployment and launching

VisualGDB will automatically deploy and launch the app:

  • Real and virtual devices are supported
  • The ADB diagnostics window simplifies troubleshooting
  • Attaching to previously started instance is supported
  • The gdbserver and gdb will be started automatically
  • Shared libraries are cached locally reducing load time

Online tutorials and support

We can help you start developing with ease:

Have questions? We know the answers!

  • Fast e-mail support for private customers and companies
  • Help with common NDK problems and toolchain bugs
  • Integration consulting for your custom environment