Serious Cross-Platform for Visual Studio!

Unmatched integration with Android tools

VisualGDB allows seamlessly using Visual Studio together with many other tools from Android ecosystem. Co-debug C/C++ code together with Eclipse or Android Studio, build Android projects made with ndk-build, Eclipse/Ant, or Gradle/Android Studio or debug APK files built elsewhere with a few mouse clicks.

Customization features allow fine-tuning various build and debug parameters, supporting many complex cases.

Device Compatibility Center

Most of the Android ARM devices have reliability issues when debugging with one or many toolchains from Android NDK. VisualGDB is aware of that and can automatically find a toolchain that works with your device.

It will also check if symbol loading requires any special workarounds and will automatically select a workaround that works. Focus on your code while VisualGDB gets the tools to work.

Android-aware C/C++ IntelliSense

VisualGDB includes a Clang-based IntelliSense engine that is fully aware of the language extensions used by GCC and Clang-specific code. It also supports advanced features like refactoring and Code Map.

Quickly debug arbitrary APK packages

If you need to quickly find a problem with native code in your package, you don't need to create a VisualGDB project.Simply point VisualGDB at your package file and symbol directory and you can start debugging right away.

Develop and debug command-line tools

VisualGDB natively supports development of command-line Android tools. Simply select it in the Wizard and VisualGDB will take care of building, deployment and debugging for you automatically.

Integration with Cocos2d-x

VisualGDB is integrated with the Cocos2d-x framework. Simply select it in the project wizard and VisualGDB will setup a project with both Windows and Android configurations to make development as easy as possible.