This page lists common problems you might encounter with VisualGDB and the ways to solve them.

Problem: I don't see VisualGDB commands in Visual Studio Menu
Solution: Ensure that the add-in is loaded properly (see guide here). If it is loaded, try holding SHIFT while clicking at the menu. If this still does not help, reset the add-in settings by running the command:

devenv.exe /resetaddin VisualGDB.AddIn

Problem: When I build my Android project, I get a strange error (e.g. mentioning /bin/sh)
Solution: Please install Android NDK r8 or later. The bug has been fixed there.

Problem: I press F5 in Visual Studio, but GDB debugging does not start.
Solution: Please use the Debug->Start debugging with GDB command instead.

Problem: My debugging stops and Windows reports that gdb.exe has crashed.
Solution: This is a bug of the gdb.exe you are using. Please download the latest version from here.

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