Full List of VisualGDB Settings

This page contains a searchable list of all VisualGDB settings. It is automatically updated when we release new VisualGDB builds. The settings can be configured via the Tools->Options command in Visual Studio. Use the filter box below to quickly find a setting.

Advanced Build
Build log search is case sensitive
Default value: False
Build Results Window Stickiness
Specifies the time-out, in milliseconds for VisualGDB to bring the 'Build Results' window on top if it gets replaced by the VS Errors list or any other tool window.
Default value: 1000
Color advanced build output
Default value: True
Show build output from VisualGDB projects in
Allows routing the project build output to the regular Output window, Advanced Output window or both.
Default value: Advanced
Show entity names
Default value: True
Show errors
Default value: True
Show errors before warnings and messages
Controls whether errors are displayed together with other build messages, or on before them.
Default value: False
Show notes
Default value: True
Show warnings
Default value: True
Debug App Startup
Specifies whether VisualGDB should debug the code that is executed during App startup
Default value: False
Disable -file-list-exec-source-files
Globally disables source file list querying for all Android projects. This improves performance but disables certain workarounds.
Default value: False
Do not Redeploy App
If enabled, VisualGDB will not try to deploy the app each time it is debugged
Default value: False
Framework directory
Specifies directory containing installed Android frameworks
VS-Android Output Subdirectory
Specifies directory name inside the project directory that contains AndroidManifest.xml and other build files
Default value: AndroidAPK
Android NDK
Specifies the directory where Android NDK is installed
Android SDK
Specifies the directory where Android SDK is installed
Android Studio
Specifies the directory where Android Studio is installed.
Apache ANT
Specifies the directory where Apache Ant is installed.
Java JDK
Specifies the directory where Java JDK is installed.
Alternate gdbserver name
Alternate name for the gdbserver executable in the lib folder
Default value: libgdbserver.so
Android App startup timeout (msec)
If the Android App fails to start within the time specified here, VisualGDB will abort debugging and show an error message.
Default value: 10000
Search knowledge base by default
Specifies the default state of the 'search knowledge base' checkbox in the error report dialog.
Default value: False
Show DWARF4 warning
Show a warning if the current toolchain produces debug information incompatible with the current GDB
Default value: False
Thread name poll period
Specifies the period (msec) for looking up thread names set with pthread_setname_np()
Default value: 100
Delay between esptool and OpenOCD
Specifies the delay in milliseconds between programming ESP32 using esptool and launching OpenOCD
Default value: 1000
Programming port location timeout
Specifies time-out in seconds for locating the programming port after resetting the board into the programming mode
Default value: 10
Additional CCache Environment
Specifies additional environment variables passed to CCache (NAME1=VAL1;NAME2=VAL2)
Cache Directory
Specifies the directory containing cached files
Cache Directory (mbed)
Specifies optional alternate cache directory for mbed projects
Enable Debug Mode
Enables debug mode of CCache
Default value: False
Hardlink Cached Objects
Object files found in cache will be hardlinked instead of being copied
Default value: False
Maximum Cache Size (MB)
Specifies the maximum CCache size in megabytes
Default value: 5120
API for querying CMake state
Specifies the method used to query the internal CMake state
Default value: Auto
CMake debugging port
Specifies the TCP port used for stepping through CMake build scripts.
Default value: 2000
CMake Server Refresh Period
Specifies how often VisualGDB will check with CMake Server if the underlying project has been updated
Default value: 1000
cmake_minimum_required() value
Specifies the value of cmake_minimum_required() in generated CMakeLists.txt files
Default value: 3.15
Default Project Generator
Specifies the default project generator for CMake projects
Default value: Unix Makefiles
Detect Ambiguous Target Definitions
Enables checking of advanced CMake projects for ambiguously defined targets and suggesting custom target schemas
Default value: True
Embedded Resource Display Mode
Specifies how the embedded resources will be displayed in Solution Explorer
Default value: ShortNames
Ignored Subfolders in CMake View
Specifies subfolder names ignored when opening CMake projects
Default value: .gradle;VisualGDB;.git;build;.externalNativeBuild
Stop at first CMake Statement
Specifies whether the CMake debugger should stop at the first executed Cmake statement
Default value: True
Target Names in Solution Explorer
Specifies whether Solution Explorer will show file names (e.g. libMyLibrary.a) or declared target names (e.g. MyLibrary) for library targets
Default value: DeclaredTargetName
Toolchain File Directory
Specifies the default directory where VisualGDB will search for the CMake toolchain files
Always Live Memory Engine
Use Live Memory engine to read register values even when the session is stopped.
Default value: True
Auto-refresh Register Values
VisualGDB will automatically re-read the values of displayed embedded registers after each step.
Default value: False
Consolidate adjacent register reads
Default value: True
Detailed View
The Embedded Register window will show the selection information in the details window.
Default value: NoDetails
Filter Save Timeout
Specifies the time after which the current filter will be saved to filter history.
Default value: 2000
History size
Default value: 10
Live mode refresh period
Default value: 200
Register value format
The values of hardware registers will be shown in the selected format.
Default value: Hexadecimal
Show Access Mode column
The Embedded Register window will show a column specifying whether the register is read-only.
Default value: False
Show Address column
The Embedded Register window will show a column with register addresses in hex.
Default value: False
Show CPU Registers
Controls whether the CPU registers are shown in the hardware register window.
Default value: True
Show Width column
The Embedded Register window will show a column with register widths in bits.
Default value: False
Start with Register Groups Collapsed
Specifies whether the register groups will be collapsed at the start of the debug session.
Default value: False
Expand all component groups
Default value: False
Expand component groups when filtering
Default value: True
Extra pack directories
Remember component expansion state
Default value: True
Default Colors
Specifies the default colors to use with for Live Watch graphs
Default value: ff0000;0000ff;00ff00;ff00ff;ffa500;00ffff;556b2f;800080
Default update interval
Specifies the default update interval (in msec) for live variables
Default value: 100
Edit Values with Single Click
Specifies whether editing live variable values requires a single or a double click
Default value: True
Enabled Range Functions
Specifies the functions computed when selecting ranges
Default value: min;max;average
Expand NULL pointers
Specifies whether to expand children for NULL pointers
Default value: False
Maximum Expansion Depth
Specifies the maximum expansion depth when pressing 'Enter' in the filter in the 'Globals' view.
Default value: 4
Maximum string size
Specifies the maximum size of strings evaluated in the Live mode. Larger values will slow down evaluation.
Default value: 32
Recently Changed Timeout
Specifies the timeout in milliseconds, for the 'recently changed' highlight of the live variables.
Default value: 5000
Show graph area
Specifies whether to show the graph with the values of observed variables
Default value: False
Show Legend
Specifies whether to show the legend in the graph view
Default value: True
Show Values in Code
Enables the display of Live Variable values directly in the code. Requires Clang IntelliSense.
Default value: False
Stack Border Watch Size
Specifies the size of the memory region at the top of the stack, that is monitorred to detect the stack growth
Default value: 64
Try Using ELF Symbols for Expressions
If enabled, VisualGDB will try evaluating basic expressions (only consisting of variable name) directly, without stopping GDB.
Default value: True
Unused Stack Fill Pattern
Default value: -1515870811
Update when stopped
Specifies whether to update live variables when stopped on a breakpoint
Default value: False
Value precision
Specifies the precision (digits after decimal point) of the value labels in the plot area
Default value: 2
Value scaling anchors
Specifies the values used to compute the bounds of the graph area
Default value: 2;5
View scope (sec)
Specifies how much data to display in the plot view of the live variables (0 for all data)
Default value: 0
Collapse Free Space in Utilization Bar
Collapses free space at the end of each memory when visualizing it in the utilization bar
Default value: False
Compare with Previous Build
Compare detailed memory utilization with the previous build output from the same project
Default value: True
Display Sizes as
Specifies the format used to display total/utilized memory sizes in Embedded Memory Explorer.
Default value: Auto
Follow Source Cursor in Diassembly View
Default value: True
Group Memory Usage by Files
Group the results of memory usage analysis by source files
Default value: True
Group Memory Usage by Sections
Group the results of memory usage analysis by sections
Default value: True
Initialized Data Section Name
Names of section in ELF files that contains initialized data
Default value: .data
Main Code Section Name
Name of section in ELF files that contains code
Default value: .text
Show Advanced Utilization Bar
Default value: True
Show Memory Explorer
Show the Memory Explorer window when an embedded project is opened
Default value: False
Sort Items by Size Change
Sort symbols by the size difference from the previous build, not the absolute size
Default value: False
Uninitialized Data Section Name
Name of section in ELF files that contains uninitialized data
Default value: .bss
Activate Output Pane when Programming FLASH
This option controls whether the Output pane will be explicitly activated when programming ESP-IDF or Arduino FLASH memory via the menu command
Default value: False
Confirm STM32CubeMX Launch
Specifies whether to confirm the launch of the STM32CubeMX tool from the project wizard
Default value: True
Disable Exceptions for New Projects
This option controls the state of C++ exceptions/RTTI for new embedded projects
Default value: True
Global stack analyzer rule files
Highlight PIO Code Locations
Specifies whether to highlight the currently running PIO instructions in code.
Default value: True
Import Source Groups for CMake
Specifies whether to import the source group information from the embedded projects, translating them to the source_group() statements.
Default value: True
Maximum CMake Object File Path
Specifies the value of CMAKE_OBJECT_PATH_MAX that will be saved in the toolchain.cmake files
Default value: 200
Maximum framework contents items per framework
Default value: 5
NRFConnect Checkout Directory
Specifies the directory where VisualGDB will save the NRFConnect SDK checkouts.
NRFJProg Post-programming Delay
Specifies the delay between programming the FLASH memory with nrfjprog and starting the debug session.
Default value: 5000
Parallelize register updating commands
Default value: True
Pico SDK Checkout Directory
Specifies the directory where VisualGDB will save the Raspberry Pi Pico SDK checkouts.
Place BSP include directories before user-specified ones
This option controls whether the BSP-specific include directories go before or after the directories specified in the .vcxproj file for MSBuild projects
Default value: False
Restart Device after Resetting
Specifies whether to automatically continue the debug session after resetting the embedded device via the toolbar command.
Default value: Ask
Show Empty Project Template
Shows the 'empty project' template in the Project Sample page of the Embedded Project Wizard.
Default value: True
Show 'FLASH Programming Complete' message
This option controls whether succesfull FLASH programming will result in a message confirming it
Default value: True
Show USB instance IDs
Shows full USB instance IDs when picking USB-based debug interfaces. This simplifies troubleshooting serial number-related issues.
Default value: False
Stop on Unsupported Syscalls
When VisualGDB encounters an unsupported semihosting syscall, it will stop the program as if it was a breakpoint
Default value: True
Use GUI instead of compare-sections command
Default value: Ask
Verify Memory when Programming
When this option is enabled, the 'Program without debugging' command will compare the programmed memory contents with the programmed program
Default value: True
Embedded coverage server timeout
Default value: 60000
Maximum coverage readout gap
Default value: 20
Maximum coverage readout size
Default value: 131072
Maximum parallel gcov instances
Default value: 0
Show Profiling Reports
Show the Profiling Reports window when an embedded project is opened
Default value: False
Trace history size
Default value: 4096
Trace Update Period
Specifies the period (in milliseconds) to update the live tracing data
Default value: 200
Enable inline project builder
When this option is enabled, VisualGDB project builder will run within Visual Studio process. This increases build performance by caching SSH connections.
Default value: True
Skipped Libraries for Symbol Search
Specifies the names of libraries to skip when resolving the 'undefined reference' errors
Default value: lsan;asan;tsan
Unattended build variable
Specifies the environment variable used to detect unattended builds (e.g. under TFS)
Use Legacy Build Directories
Specifies whether to use legacy names for build directories (e.g. 'VisualGDB\Debug' instead of 'build\VisualGDB\Debug')
Default value: False
All C++ Exceptions
Specifies all C++ exceptions displayed in the Signals & Catchpoints window.
Default value: std::exception;std::bad_alloc
Automatically unescape 8-bit characters in strings
Allows automatically converting expressions like \200 to the corresponding characters using the system default codepage
Default value: True
Controlling terminal workaround
VisualGDB will automatically build and use a helper program to set controlling terminal for debugged Linux processes.
Default value: True
Data breakpoint mode
Specifies the default mode for data breakpoints
Default value: WriteOnly
Demangle frame function names
Default value: True
Digit Group Separator
Enables separators between digit groups in the Watch windows (e.g. '123 456' instead of '123456')
Disassembly reading timeout
Default value: 3
Exit break-in timeout (msec)
If GDB does not respond when exiting debugging and this timeout is exceeded, the GDB process will be terminated with SIGKILL.
Default value: 3000
Find Referenced Projects Recursively
Specifies whether VisualGDB will recursively look for referenced projects when starting debug sessions.
Default value: False
GDB command timeout (msec)
VisualGDB will show the 'command taking too long to complete' window if running a GDB command exceeds the timeout specified here.
Default value: 2000
Hide Missing Source Files
If enabled, frames referring to missing source files will be reported as assembly-only frames
Default value: True
Hook 'Start Debugging (F5)'
If you experience Visual Studio crashes when debugging projects, disable this option and use 'Debug->Start debugging with GDB' to debug your VisualGDB projects.
Default value: True
Ignore Inline GDB Stub Output
Do not show the "Inline GDB Stub Output" window when the gdb stub sends inline output to gdb
Default value: False
Large Array Threshold
Specifies the minimum amount of array children that will trigger separate subrange queries
Default value: 100
Minimal delay before an immediate break-in request
Specifies minimum amount of milliseconds between resuming a GDB session and requesting a break-in.
Default value: 0
Prefer natvis over managed evaluators
Default value: True
Recognize Type Cast in Natvis Expressions
Treats '(identifier)' constructs in Natvis expressions as type cast.
Default value: False
Remember Quick Debug Sources
Remember the source files opened during a Quick Debug session and re-open them next time
Default value: Ask
Resolve Typedefs for Type Visualizers
If this setting is enabled, VisualGDB will automatically resolve typedefs when trying to visualize types like std::vector. This will result in a slight extra delay each time you view a variable value.
Default value: True
Run GDB using job objects
VisualGDB will run local instances of gdb under job objects guaranteeing that they are terminated when Visual Studio is closed.
Default value: True
Show advanced memory windows
Replaces the default 'memory' windows with the advanced ones optimized for cross-platform debugging
Default value: Ask
Show both decimal and hexadecimal Values
Allows showing both decimal and hexadecimal values in the Watch windows
Default value: False
Show disassembly timeout warning
Default value: True
Show 'no register groups' warnings
VisualGDB show a warning if you have a Registers window open and no register groups selected.
Default value: True
Show path fix tooltip
Default value: True
Show slow symbol load tip
Default value: True
Stop if All Breakpoints are Pending
If enabled, VisualGDB will stop in entry point if none of the set breakpoints managed to resolve
Default value: True
Support 'step into specific' command
See the StepIntoSpecific.xml file for call instruction templates
Default value: True
Support watch format specifiers
Default value: True
Thread window workaround delay
Default value: 500
Use Startup Project Settings when Attaching
VisualGDB will automatically use settings like path mapping from the startup project when attaching to Linux processes via Debug->Attach.
Default value: Ask
Warn about missing GDBServer
VisualGDB will show a warning after testing a cross-toolchain if a GDBServer is missing on the target machine.
Default value: True
Warn if GDB crashes
VisualGDB will show an error dialog allowing to see debug logs if the debugger exits unexpectedly.
Default value: True
Warn if no breakpoints are hit
VisualGDB will show an error dialog allowing to see debug logs if debugged program exits without triggering any breakpoints.
Default value: True
Custom action template directory
Project template directory
Add .vgdbsettings files to Solution Explorer
Specifies whether VisualGDB should add its settings files to Solution Explorer. This will automatically add them to source control.
Default value: True
Create .old files
VisualGDB will create backups of your makefiles before modifying them.
Default value: True
Default file masks for Qt source transfer
These file masks are used by VisualGDB as the default file masks for new Qt source transfer commands.
Default value: *.cpp;*.h;*.hpp;*.pro;*.ui;*.qrc;*.qml;qmldir;*.js;CMakeLists.txt
Deploy Static Libraries
Specifies whether static libraries (with .a extension) referenced by the debugged project should be deployed.
Default value: False
Deploy to Different Targets
If this option is disabled, VisualGDB will skip deploying dependent libraries that are not deployed to the same remote host as the main project.
Default value: True
File masks for source transfer
These file masks are used by VisualGDB as the default file masks for new source transfer commands.
Default value: *.cpp;*.h;*.hpp;*.c;*.cc;*.cxx;*.mak;Makefile;*.txt;*.cmake
Header extensions to import
The files with extensions listed here will be imported to the 'Header Files' folder when importing projects.
Default value: h;hpp
Max. items per Makefile line
Specifies the maximum amount of items (e.g. files) per single Makefile line before appending "\" and continuing on the next line. Specify 0 for unlimited.
Default value: 0
Non-uploadable files
Specifies file masks to skip during source uploading
Default value: *.sdf;*.opensdf;*.sprofreport;*.scovreport;*.vc.db
Non-uploadable subdirectories
Specifies subdirectory name masks to skip during source uploading
Default value: .vs;.visualgdb;build;CodeDB;VisualGDBCache;.git;.cmake;CMakeFiles
Source extensions to import
The files with extensions listed here will be imported to the 'Source Files' folder when importing projects.
Default value: cpp;c;cc;cxx
Auto-filter search results
Show only matching lines when searching in GDB Session window
Default value: False
Case insensitive search
Case-insensitive search in GDB Session window
Default value: True
Enable command completion
Default value: True
Show command timing
GDB Session window will display the command timings
Default value: False
Console/log buffer size (lines)
Specifies the maximum size of the data remembered in the Remote Program Console
Default value: 0
Deployment progress dialog threshold
If binary deployment takes more than the specified time, a deployment progress dialog will be shown.
Default value: 500
Error Reporting Workaround for Remote Files
Enables a special workaround for reporting build errors for remote files that will prevent Visual Studio from treating them as invalid paths.
Default value: True
Fast file import threshold
VisualGDB will import projects with more files than this value by editing .vc(x)proj files directly.
Default value: 100
Horizontal List Box Threshold
Specifies the maximum total length of all suggestions for a setting for it to be shown as a horizontal list box.
Default value: 40
Raw Terminal Time Format
Specifies time format for the Raw Terminal when the timing mode is enabled.
Default value: HH:mm:ss
Show custom actions menu even if no custom actions are defined
VisualGDB will show the custom actions menu even if no custom actions are defined for the active project.
Default value: True
Show Custom Shortcuts from
Allows selecting the projects queried for Custom Shortcuts in multi-project solutions.
Default value: AllProjects
Show Suggestion Popups in Settings
Enables IntelliSense-like suggestion popups when editing VisualGDB settings.
Default value: True
Show vertical scroll bar in raw terminal
Default value: False
Suggested baud rates
Default value: 9600;19200;38400;57600;74880;115200
Synchronize GUI state between instances
Allows synchronizing GUI state like Project Properties window location between several running instances of VisualGDB.
Default value: False
Use classic black and white color scheme for consoles
Use black background and white text for console tool windows instead of theme colors.
Default value: False
Use Combined Output Window
Combines Program Console, GDBServer Console and Inline GDB Stub Output into one tabbed window.
Default value: True
Use 'Command Window' font for gdb session
Allows using the font specified in Tools->Options->Fonts and Colors->Command Window for the 'GDB Session' windows
Default value: True
Use 'Command Window' font for output windows
Allows using the font specified in Tools->Options->Fonts and Colors->Command Window for the 'Program Output' and 'GDBServer Output' windows
Default value: True
Enable Clang IntelliSense by default
This option controls the default state of Clang-based IntelliSense for VisualGDB projects. Individual projects can override this setting.
Default value: True
Excluded Files for Header Sync
Specifies file masks (e.g. *.o;*.dep) that will not be transferred when downloading remote include directories.
Header Extensions for Symbol Search
Specifies the extensions of the files (e.g. .h) that will be searched when resolving 'undefined symbol' errors. Specify '*' to search all files.
Default value: .h;.hpp;.
Hide errors in Linux Kernel Sources
Hide Clang IntelliSense errors inside Linux Kernel sources when developing kernel modules
Default value: True
Highlight syntax of 'Makefile' files
This option enables hooking the Visual Studio text manager to support syntax highlighting for 'Makefile' files.
Default value: True
Redundant Header Search Directories
Specifies the subdirectories that will be ignored if the undefined symbols are found elsewhere.
Default value: asm;newlib;c++;x86_64-linux-gnu;i686-linux-gnu;arm-linux-gnueabihf;arm-linux-gnueabi
Symbol Search Namespaces
Specifies the namespaces to check when looking up symbols in header files.
Default value: std
Action when toolchain test is canceled
Specifies what to do when the toolchain test is canceled
Default value: Ask
Check for missing toolchain profiles
This option allows checking for missing toolchain profiles for MSBuild projects
Default value: Ask
Deadlock check timeout
Default value: 0
Don't synchronize folders on project load
This option allows disable of folder synchronization during solution load
Default value: False
Environment check timeout
Specifies the timeout, in milliseconds, for the 'env' command when checking environment consistency.
Default value: 1000
Ignore deadlocks with no Syprogs frames
Specifies whether to ignore deadlocks that don't directly involve any Sysprogs extensions
Default value: True
Ignore source control renaming errors
Default value: False
Parallel download threads
VisualGDB will download toolchains and BSPs using this amount of parallel threads.
Default value: 5
Proxy Server
Specifies the proxy server used to download packages. E.g. localproxy:8080
Proxy Server Password
Specifies the optional password for the proxy server
Proxy Server User Name
Specifies the optional user name for the proxy server
Proxy Server Variable
Allows exporting proxy server settings to environment variables. Useful with git and other similar tools.
Default value: HTTPS
Show product updates
Default value: True
Enable verbose output
VisualGDB will show additional diagnostic information when building and launching your projects.
Default value: False
Remember custom actions output
VisualGDB will show the custom actions output in the "Output" window.
Default value: True
Remember launcher output
VisualGDB will show the launcher output in the "Output" window.
Default value: True
Remember program output
VisualGDB will show the program output in the "Output" window.
Default value: True
Aggressive cleanup of old reports
If this option is enabled, VisualGDB will remove old coverage reports on each background check for new reports.
Default value: True
Code coverage highlight opacity
Default value: 50
Delay before starting valgrind's vgdb tool
Default value: 0
Highlight code coverage
Default value: True
Keep raw coverage reports
Default value: False
Keep raw valgrind reports
Default value: False
Live code coverage max opacity
Default value: 180
Live code coverage min opacity
Default value: 20
Max. coverage reports per project
If this is not zero, VisualGDB will remove old coverage reports for projects when new reports are created.
Default value: 5
Check arduino packages
Default value: True
Check BSP layout changes
Default value: True
Check embedded packages
Default value: True
Check imported projects
Default value: True
Check mbed packages
Default value: True
Check missing ESP-IDF checkouts
Default value: True
Check MSBuild toolchains
Default value: True
Check NRFConnect checkouts
Default value: True
Check old project layout
Default value: True
Check Raspberry Pi Pico SDK checkouts
Default value: True
Check remote hosts
Default value: True
Check test frameworks
Default value: True
Allow Simultaneous Outgoing Transfers
Specifies whether to allow multiple simultaneous outgoing directory transfers to the same host (e.g. when building multiple projects). Enabling this may reduce SSH reliability
Default value: True
Clock Offset Tolerance
Specifies the value (in seconds) of the acceptable clock difference between the Windows machine and Linux machines. Set to -1 to disable clock offset checks.
Default value: 60
Delete Missing Headers when Synchronizing
If enabled, synchronizing header directories will delete local copies of headers that were deleted on the remote side
Default value: True
Executable Extensions
File extensions that will have the executable bit set on uploading via SSH (use the -ext1;-ext2;* syntax to specify exceptions)
Default value: so;;elf;a
Extra delay before PTY requests
Specifies additional delay that will be inserted before each PTY request. Try setting it to 500 or higher if you encounter PTY-related errors.
Default value: 0
Header Cache Synchronization Mode
Specifies the behavior for synchronizing header directories
Default value: ReloadMismatching
Ignored mismatching environment vars
Specifies the variable names that will be excluded from variable comparison between interactive and manual mode
Intercept global key combinations
Specifies whether the global key combinations (e.g. Ctrl-O) typed in the SSH console window will be captured and sent to the remote machine.
Default value: True
Locate Missing Headers in Packages
Allows finding (with 'apt-file' or 'yum whatprovides') and installing packages that provide missing header files
Default value: True
Log SysprogsSync Transfers
Enables logging SysprogsSync transfers to SysprogsSync.log files
Default value: False
Minimal delay between PTY requests
Specifies the minimal delay inserted between two consecutive SSH PTY requests (msec). A value above 300 is recommended as a workaround for OpenSSH bugs.
Default value: 500
No Reconnection Timeout
If set, a canceled connection attempt to a remote host will automatically cancel any future connections within this time frame. The value is in milliseconds.
Default value: 15000
Redundant Directory Synchronization Timeout
If set to non-zero, synchronizing the same Linux directory again within the specified amount of milliseconds will be skipped
Default value: 3000
SSH inactivity timeout (minutes)
VisualGDB will automatically close background SSH sessions after they are inactive (i.e. no debugging or console open) for the amount of time specified here.
Default value: 15
Validate Deployed Files
Enables automatic checking of target file sizes after deploying them.
Default value: True
Target Shutdown Time-out
Specifies the time to wait for the test process to exit gracefully before gathering coverage data
Default value: 5000
Test frameworks directory
Specifies the directory where VisualGDB will store the test frameworks
Test Host Setup Timeout
Specifies the time to wait for the test host to initialize when debugging tests
Default value: 15000
Additional environment for 'vagrant up'
Specifies the additional environment for starting Vagrant machines.
Enable workaround for hanging WSL commands
Enables this setting if WSL commands freeze randomly during heavy workloads
Default value: False
Full path to ccache.exe
Specifies the location of the CCache executable.
Full path to cmake.exe
Specifies the location of the CMake executable. CMake can be used as a build subsystem instead of GNU Make.
Full path to git.exe
Specifies the path to Git used by mbed
Full path to nrfjprog.exe
Specifies the path to the nrfjprog executable
Full path to Qt Designer
Specifies the path to the Qt Designer executable (designer.exe) that will be used to edit the .ui files in CMake projects
Full path to vagrant.exe
Specifies the location of the Vagrant executable.
Full path to wsl.exe
Specifies the path to wsl.exe for the Windows Subsystem for Linux
Full path to xming.exe
Specifies the location of the XMing executable. XMing is required to debug graphical (X11) Linux applications under Windows.
Python directory
Specifies the path to Python used by mbed
Activate Output Window on New Output
If this option is enabled, producing new type of output (e.g. semihosting output) will automatically activate the output window.
Default value: True
Auto-Activate GDB Session Window
If this option is enabled, the 'GDB Session' window will automatically get activated when displaying information related to the GDB session.
Default value: True
Auto-Activate Output Window
If this option is enabled, the Combined Output window will be automatically activated when starting a debug session.
Default value: True
Auxiliary C frame functions
Specifies the list of function names that are treated as auxiliary frames when debugging Python code
Default value: fast_function;call_function;PyEval_EvalCodeEx;PyEval_EvalCode;exec_statement;_PyEval_EvalFrameDefault;_PyFunction_FastCallKeywords;function_code_fastcall
Do not evaluate built-in names
Allows improving debugging performance by bypassing the long search among built-in Python objects
Default value: True
Hide auxiliary C frames
If enabled, VisualGDB will hide auxiliary C frames between Python frames that don't have other C frames between them.
Default value: True
Hide internal outer frames
If enabled, VisualGDB will hide the frames originating from its Python debug plugin
Default value: True
Check Python symbol consistency
Specifies whether to check the Python symbols when starting Python-based debugging
Default value: True
Additional Repository Directories
Specifies additional repository directories where the Xilinx tools will look for libraries and drivers, separated with ';'
Empty Dependency List Threshold
Targets reporting fewer sources/headers than this value will always be considered outdated
Default value: 5
Target Reset Delay
Specifies the time given for the target to be fully reset
Default value: 3000
Vitis directory
XSCT Path Override
Allows overriding the %PATH% variable when launching XSCT to avoid conflicts
Default value: %WINDIR%\system32;%WINDIR%
XSDB Initialization Timeout
Specifies time-out to wait for XSCT command interface (XSDB) to initialize
Default value: 10000
Text Editor->C/C++(VisualGDB)
Adaptive Reparse
Delay After Last Change
Specifies the minimum time that must elapse since the last file change (i.e. since a character was typed) before doing a background reparse.
Default value: 200
Default value: True
Minimum Interval
Specifies the minimum reparsing interval (msec). Even if the reparsing is extremely fast, the IntelliSense Engine will not reparse the sources more often than that.
Default value: 500
Parse time multiplier
Specifies how often will the source file be reparsed. The reparse period will be set to (DurationOfLastReparse) x (ParseTimeMultiplier)
Default value: 5
Advanced->Argument Hints
Comment verbosity level
Default value: Extended
Qualify typedefs
Default value: True
Resolve template types
Default value: False
Advanced->Bracket Highlighting
Highlight matching 'break'/'continue'
Default value: True
Highlight matching 'if'/'else'
Default value: True
Highlight matching preprocessor directives
Default value: True
Highlight matching 'switch'/'case'
Default value: True
Highlight same variable references
Default value: True
Max upward scan distance
Default value: 1000
Outline curly brackets
Specifies whether matching '{' and '}' as collapsible blocks.
Default value: True
Reference highlight delay
Reference highlighting won't be performed if the source code has been modified recently (within the interval specified here).
Default value: 2000
Show all relevant loop statements
Default value: False
Advanced->Code Completion
Additional suggested C++ keywords
Default value: static_cast;const_cast;reinterpret_cast;decltype;static_assert
Auto-filter names starting with '_'
Default value: True
Enable code snippets
Default value: True
Enable tooltips for IntelliSense suggestions
If enabled, the comments around the declaration will be shown as tooltips for IntelliSense suggestions.
Default value: True
Excluded Extensions for #include
Specifies the file extensions that are ignored when completing the #include directives.
Default value: c;cpp;cxx;cc
Insert '(' after function calls
Default value: True
Insert '<' after template names
Default value: True
Insert snippets after an extra 'TAB'
If enabled, C++ Code Snippets will be inserted selecting the snippet and pressing TAB twice.
Default value: False
Insert spaces after function calls
Default value: False
Max declaration lines
Default value: -1
Max following comment lines
Specifies the maximum amount of comment lines after the declaration that will be shown in the data tip.
Default value: -1
Max hint line length
Default value: -1
Max preceding comment lines
Specifies the maximum amount of comment lines before the declaration that will be shown in the data tip.
Default value: -1
Parse structured comments in tooltips
Default value: True
Show function declaration in tooltips
Default value: True
Show inherited members below
Specifies whether non-inherited members should be shown on top of the suggestion lists.
Default value: True
Show type matching icons
Default value: True
Smart Suggestion List GUI
Specifies whether to replace Visual Studio suggestion list GUI with advanced lists supporting dynamic filtering.
Default value: AdvancedNew
Suggest names while typing
If enabled, suggestion lists will be shown each time an identifier is typed in.
Default value: True
Suggestion Tooltip Delay
Specifies the delay before showing the tooltip with suggestion details. Decreasing this would slow down code suggestion display, as the hint will be updated too often
Default value: 250
Tooltip line limit
Default value: 20
Tooltips for Preprocessor Macros
Default value: MacroDefinition
Advanced->Error Reporting
Default C standard
Specifies the -std= argument value for C files
Default value: gnu11
Default C++ standard
Specifies the -std= argument value for C++ files
Default value: gnu++1y
Force C standard
Ignore any -std= arguments found in Makefile and always use the value specified here
Default value: False
Force C++ standard
Ignore any -std= arguments found in Makefile and always use the value specified here
Default value: False
Ignored warning groups
Specifies ignored Clang warning groups (e.g. variadic-macros) separated by ';'
Default value:
Max. error count
Default value: 100
Warn about Detached Files
Allows showing a warning if the currently edited file is not a part of any project
Default value: True
Advanced->Typing Assist
Auto-match brackets
Specifies whether to insert a closing bracket when an opening bracket is typed.
Default value: True
Clipboard history size
Default value: 100
Commenting style
Default value: StartOfLine
Insert Braces Around Indented Statements
If enabled, typing '{' before of an indented statement will surround the statement with '{}'.
Default value: True
Insert braces around selection
If enabled, typing '(', '[' or '{' when a block of text is selected will enclose this text in brackets.
Default value: True
Max. Clipboard History Lines
Default value: 10
Move semicolon outside brackets
Default value: True
Track clipboard history
Default value: True
Annotate function sizes
Default value: True
Code Map
Additional 'Show on Code Map' command
Default value: False
Fetch connections to existing nodes
When enabled, adding new nodes to CodeMap will result in checking their connections to all previously added nodes
Default value: True
Strip scope from node names
Default value: True
'Too many nodes' warning threshold
Default value: 100
Annotate classes
Enables or disables the display of CodeJumps labels for classes
Default value: True
Annotate fields
Enables or disables the display of CodeJumps labels for fields
Default value: True
Annotate functions
Enables or disables the display of CodeJumps labels for functions and methods
Default value: True
Annotate global variables
Enables or disables the display of CodeJumps labels for global variables
Default value: True
Auto-activate Symbol Find Window
Specifies whether the Find Symbol window will be automatically activated when a CodeJumps search is going background due to a popup being closed
Default value: True
Maximum popup height
Default value: 400
Maximum popup width
Default value: 1000
Maximum Visible Relations
Allows limiting the amount of relations (e.g. function calls) shown at once. The limit is applied after applying the filter.
Default value: 100
Minimum popup height
Default value: 100
Minimum popup width
Default value: 500
Replace QuickInfo tooltips
Allows viewing CodeJumps information by hovering the mouse over any reference to an entity in the code
Default value: True
Temporarily Suspend Annotations
Allows temporarily hiding all annotations. Use the command under Edit->Advanced or a shortcut on the navigation bar to toggle this setting.
Default value: False
Auto-close block comments
Specifies whether the block comments starting with '/*' will be automatically closed with '*/'
Default value: True
Generate Doxygen Comment Templates
Specifies whether to generate Doxygen-style command blocks with '\brief' and '\param' statements when starting a comment with '//!' or '/*!'
Default value: True
Insert '*' for multi-line comments
If enabled, '*' will be automatically inserted at the beginning of a new line when editing a multi-line comment.
Default value: True
Scan Entire Project for Comments
Specifies whether the entire project will be scanned for comments like TODO (as opposed to just open files)
Default value: False
Special Comment Prefixes
Specifies the prefixes for the comments that will be shown with different color
Default value: ///;//!
Task Keywords
Specifies keywords in comments that will be translated to tasks under View->Tasks window.
Default value: todo;bug;fixme
Automatic Formatting
Add semicolon to type bodies
Default value: True
Auto-format when ';' is typed
Default value: True
Auto-format when '{' is typed
Default value: True
Auto-format when '}' is typed
Default value: True
Auto-format when 'else' is typed
Default value: True
Auto-format when pasting text
Default value: True
Advanced Function Detection
Enables extra checks to tell apart complex function declarations from class declarations.
Default value: False
Don't indent template contents
Default value: False
Indent access specifiers
Default value: False
Indent block contents
Default value: True
Indent braces
Default value: False
Indent case braces
Default value: False
Indent case contents
Default value: True
Indent case labels
Default value: False
Indent comments
Default value: True
Indent labels
Default value: Leftmost
Indent namespace contents
Default value: True
Indent Parenthesis Contents
Specifies whether to align text within parentheses (e.g. function arguments) to the location of the opening parenthesis.
Default value: True
Keep existing parameter indentation
Specifies whether the indentation of existing function parameters will be preserved or replaced using the setting above.
Default value: True
Unindent Freshly Typed '}'
Default value: True
Un-indent Preprocessor Directives
Specifies whether to remove indentation for preprocessor directives.
Default value: True
Newline Insertion
After opening brace
Default value: True
Before 'catch' keyword
Default value: True
Before 'else' keyword
Default value: True
Before empty loop bodies
Default value: Space
Before empty statements
Default value: True
Before 'while' keyword
Default value: False
Brace initializers
Default value: Keep
Control blocks
Default value: Keep
Extra new line for new control blocks
Allows inserting an extra newline when a new control block is created by typing '{'
Default value: True
Extra new line for new types
Allows inserting an extra newline when a new type body is defined by typing '{'
Default value: True
Default value: Keep
Default value: Keep
Member initializers
Default value: StartLinesWithCommas
Multiline expressions
Default value: False
Multiline function call arguments
Default value: True
Multiline inheritance lists
Default value: True
Default value: Keep
New control blocks
Default value: Add
New functions
Default value: Add
New namespaces
Default value: Add
New types
Default value: Add
Default value: Keep
After commas
Default value: True
After control block keyword
Default value: True
After C-Style Cast
Default value: False
After function names
Default value: False
After Pointer/Reference Specifier
Default value: False
After semicolons
Default value: False
Assignment operator
Default value: InsertSpaces
Before brace initializer
Default value: False
Before commas
Default value: False
Before constructor colon
Default value: False
Before empty square brackets
Default value: True
Before inheritance colon
Default value: True
Before lambda args
Default value: False
Before Pointer/Reference Specifier
Default value: True
Before square brackets
Default value: False
Between empty braces
Default value: False
Between empty function parentheses
Default value: False
Binary operators
Default value: InsertSpaces
Brace initializer alignment
Default value: NewlinesOnly
Conditional operator
Default value: InsertSpaces
Enum value alignment
Default value: AssignmentToLongestName
Group square brackets
Default value: True
Remove before semicolons
Default value: True
Remove spaces around scope operators
Default value: False
Remove spaces around unary operators
Default value: True
Within brace initializer
Default value: False
Within control block
Default value: False
Within C-Style Cast
Default value: False
Within empty lambda captures
Default value: False
Within empty square brackets
Default value: False
Within function parentheses
Default value: False
Within lambda captures
Default value: False
Within parenthesized expression
Default value: False
Within square brackets
Default value: False
Formatting Engine
Automatically configure clang-format from VS settings
If this option is enabled, the default .clang-format file will be automatically updated based on common Visual Studio formatting settings
Default value: True
Check for clang format files
Default value: True
Default formatting engine
Default value: SysprogsFormat
Ignored clang-format statements
Specifies a semicolon-separated list of clang-format statements that will be filtered out when loading format files
Automatic Header Precompilation
Max. precompiled headers per file
Specifies the amount of sequential headers that can be auto-converted to PCHs.
Default value: 3
Min. references for auto-precompilation
Specifies the amount source files that should reference a header in order to select it for automatic precompilation.
Default value: 10
Preamble creation threshold (sec.)
All headers of recently modified files (within the amount of seconds specified here) will be cached to improve performance.
Default value: 86400
Global Cache Settings
Chunk creation threshold (files)
Specifies the minimum amount of source files not covered by cache chunks that results in creation of a new chunk.
Default value: 10
Chunk rebuilding threshold (%)
Specifies the amount of outdated files in a global cache chunk that will trigger invalidating and rebuilding the entire chunk.
Default value: 60
Enable multi-threaded cache updating
If enabled, the cache will be updated using all available CPU cores.
Default value: True
Index call tree
Default value: True
Index data uses
Default value: True
Index function pointer assignments
Default value: True
Index inheritance tree
Default value: True
Index macro references
Default value: True
Index override tree
Default value: True
Index symbol definitions
Default value: True
Index symbol references
Default value: True
Maximum parse threads
Limits the maximum amount of source cache updating threads. Use this if the engine frequently runs out of memory.
Default value: 0
Min. coverage for first chunk (%)
Specifies the amount of outdated or missing files in the first cache chunk that will trigger invalidating and rebuilding the entire chunk.
Default value: 60
Multi-thread parse memory limit
Limits the maximum amount of memory used during multi-thread parsing (32-bit engine only).
Default value: 838860800
Recommended RAM usage (MB)
Specifies the amount of RAM that will be used during building of cache chunks. Larger values will increase the cache search performance.
Default value: 256
Record unverified calls
Default value: False
Other Settings
Code Database folder name
Specifies the folder name inside the project folder that will store various cached data related to code completion and navigation.
Default value: CodeDB
Enable header file optimization
Default value: True
Max. simultaneously loaded files
Specifies the maximum amount of the files that can have navigation information loaded at the same time. Reduce this to reduce memory usage.
Default value: 10
Prioritize preprocessor macros
If enabled, go-to-definition on a preprocessor macro will show the macro definition and ignore any entities referenced by the macro.
Default value: False
Search Settings
Code jump scope
Default value: EntireSolution
Find definition scope
Default value: EntireSolution
Find references scope
Default value: EntireSolution
Go-to-definition timeout
If a go-to-definition operation is not complete within the timeout specified here (msec), it will be performed in background.
Default value: 500
Restrict tree browser to file scope
Allows restricting tree browser (e.g. class inheritance) to entities defined within the current translation unit.
Default value: False
Smart go-to-definition
If enabled, will first search for definitions in source files with matching names.
Default value: True
Automatically search for missing headers
Allows searching source directories & project directories for missing headers
Default value: True
Collapse-to-definition Affects Comments
Default value: True
Diagnose TU Lookup
Show verbose diagnostic messages about locating translation units for headers
Default value: False
Disable Outlining
Default value: False
Disable Quick Info
Default value: False
Enable crash analysis
When Clang IntelliSense crashes, show a window with crash details and an option to submit the dump
Default value: True
For Files Used by Multiple Projects
Specifies the behavior for files referenced by both normal Visual Studio projects and Clang IntelliSense-enabled projects.
Default value: PreferClangIntelliSense
Hide all navigation bars
Default value: False
Max. change-driven tags
Specifies the maximum amount of change-driven tags active at once (e.g. renaming)
Default value: 3
More Precise Function Outlining
Outline functions based on the exact function bounds instead of the curly brackets.
Default value: True
Remote Directory Refresh Period
Default value: 30000
Show Navigation Bar Items as Declared
Default value: True
Show smart navigation bar
Default value: True
Show Unsupported Encoding Hints
Allows displaying popup tips when the encoding of the currently open file is not supported
Default value: True
Use 64-bit or 32-bit Clang Engine
Default value: Auto
Commit with enter
Default value: False
Field name case
Default value: Unchanged
Field name prefix
Default value: m_
Non-trivial argument mode
Default value: ByReference
One line per argument
Default value: True
Strip prefixes
Default value: False
Type policy
Default value: Shortest