Failed to load add-in

This problem occurs when VisualGDB add-in is not registered with Visual Studio correctly. VisualGDB 1.4 and later detects it by showing the following window:

To resolve it, please close VisualGDB wizard, select "Tools->Add-in Manager" in Visual Studio.

Ensure that VisualGDB add-in is enabled and set to start at startup. When done, press OK and restart Visual Studio.

If VisualGDB add-in does not appear in add-in list, please press the "Rebuild Add-in file" button in the diagnostics window.

If nothing helps, ensure that you have the following directory:

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Visual Studio <Version>\Addins

VisualGDB will need to create the VisualGDB.AddIn file inside the directory. If it cannot do it due to a missing directory or no access rights, Visual Studio won't be able to load the Add-in.