The next-generation IntelliSense engine for VisualGDB

We have released a first preview build of our next-generation clang-based IntelliSense engine for Visual Studio. The new engine dramatically increases the precision of the code completion and error messages and introduces a vast amount of new productivity features.


Here are the main highlights:

  • Full parsing of complex templates and C++11 support on VS2008-2022
  • [New] CodeMap and refactorring support for C++ code
  • Precise compiler-driven code suggestions with advanced filtering options
  • Instant and precise go-to-definition and find-all-references
  • Full support for Linux-specific language features
  • Preprocessor and IntelliSense support in Watch windows
  • Preprocessor lens instantly preprocesses selected code

You can read more about the new features on the detailed description page.


You can get the latest version of VisualGDB with the new engine on the download page. Ensure you select the experimental build there.


Feel free to give us feedback via our forums or support emails.