Obtaining a Visual Studio Stack Trace

If your Visual Studio session hangs or crashes when running VisualGDB and you do not get a meaningful error message, please follow the instructions below to narrow it down:

  1. Ensure you have exactly one Visual Studio instance running and it has not crashed yet. Then start another Visual Studio instance and select Debug->Attach from it:
  2. Attach to the hanging Visual Studio instance (the process name for Visual Studio is devenv.exe). Ensure that "Managed (v4.x) Code" is selected when attaching:
  3. If you are troubleshooting a crash, reproduce the problem now and let the crash happen. If Visual Studio hangs instead, Select Debug->Break All:
  4. Go to the Threads view (Debug->Windows->Threads) and select the main thread by double-clicking on it:
  5. Check the call stack window. If it is showing "[External Code]" only, right-click and select "Show External Code":
  6. Once you get the call stack of the main thread, select all frames and copy them to Clipboard:
  7. Send us the frames you captured along with your VisualGDB build number (from Help->About VisualGDB) and we will respond with more detailed diagnostic instructions.