Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have encountered a problem/found a bug. What should I do?
A: First, have a look at the troubleshooting guide. Then, contact support through our website.

Q: Is VisualGDB only a debugger plugin?
A: It's more than that. It integrates the complete GNU toolchain: GCC, GDB and Make into Visual Studio.

Q: Will VisualGDB map GCC error messages into Visual Studio?
A: Yes. Moreover, the "Entering directory xxx" messages from GNU Make are also parsed.

Q: Will IntelliSense recognize the header files from my embedded toolchain?
A: Yes, VisualGDB Wizard automatically imports headers and defines into IntelliSense settings.

Q: Can I use VIsualGDB with an on-chip debugger to debug my embedded device?
A: Yes, as long as you have a GDBSERVER-compatible monitor program compatible with normal GDB.

Q: Do I need to build a toolchain from sources myself?
A: You don't have to. We provide pre-built toolchains for most popular architectures.

Q: Can I use VisualGDB with my own (or third-party toolchain)?
A: Yes. You can specify it in the project wizard.

Q: I don't have a WIndows toolchain. Can I still use VisualGDB?
A: Yes. You can use VisualGDB with a Linux-based toolchain installed on a remote computer.

Q: Can I use command-line GDB commands while debugging with VisualGDB?
A: Yes, use the VIsualGDB console window.

Q: Can I debug Linux/MacOS drivers with VisualGDB?
A: Yes. You will need to use a full-custom build setup and specify build and deploy sequences.

Q: Can I edit the makefiles generated by VisualGDB?
A: Yes. VisualGDB will only update the source file lists, leaving your changes to Makefiles intact.

Q: How to specify relative project paths in VisualGDB commands?
A: Use the $(ProjectDir) macro

Q: Can debug GDB-based projects using the normal Debug command or F5 key?
A: Yes, starting from VisualGDB 2.8.