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info files command

Displays information about debugged binary and loaded sections


info files


If you want to see the list of source files instead, use the info sources command.


We will demonstrate several uses of the info files command using a basic C++ program:

(gdb) info files
Symbols from "/home/bazis/test".
Local exec file:
`/home/bazis/test', file type elf32-i386.
Entry point: 0x80482f0
0x08048154 - 0x08048167 is .interp
0x08048168 - 0x08048188 is .note.ABI-tag
0x08048188 - 0x080481ac is
0x080481ac - 0x080481cc is .gnu.hash
0x080481cc - 0x0804820c is .dynsym
0x0804820c - 0x08048251 is .dynstr
0x08048252 - 0x0804825a is .gnu.version
0x0804825c - 0x0804827c is .gnu.version_r
0x0804827c - 0x08048284 is .rel.dyn
0x08048284 - 0x08048294 is .rel.plt
0x08048294 - 0x080482b7 is .init
0x080482c0 - 0x080482f0 is .plt
0x080482f0 - 0x08048472 is .text
0x08048474 - 0x08048488 is .fini
0x08048488 - 0x08048490 is .rodata
0x08048490 - 0x080484bc is .eh_frame_hdr
0x080484bc - 0x0804856c is .eh_frame
0x08049f08 - 0x08049f0c is .init_array
0x08049f0c - 0x08049f10 is .fini_array
0x08049f10 - 0x08049f14 is .jcr
0x08049f14 - 0x08049ffc is .dynamic
0x08049ffc - 0x0804a000 is .got
0x0804a000 - 0x0804a014 is .got.plt
0x0804a014 - 0x0804a01c is .data
0x0804a01c - 0x0804a020 is .bss

Compatibility with VisualGDB

You can execute the info files command under VisualGDB using the GDB Session window in Visual Studio.

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