Enabling the Bootloader Mode on STM32WB Boards

In order to use the wireless functionality of the STM32WB devices, you need to program the appropriate wireless stack binary to them. As of July 2019, this cannot be done via ST-Link and requires connecting the board in the USB bootloader mode. This page provides detailed instructions for enabling the bootloader mode on the STM32WB Nucleo board and the STM32WB USB dongle.

STM32WB Nucleo

In order to enter the bootloader mode on the STM32WB Nucleo board, follow the steps below:

  1. Install a jumper on the USB-MCU position in JP1. This will allow powering the board from the MCU's USB connector.
  2. Install another jumper betweeen pins 5 and 7 or CN7. This will switch the board to the bootloader mode.
  3. Plug in the board using the USB USER connector (not ST-Link's USB).

Once the bootloader is running, the board will appear in Device Manager as "DFU in FS Mode":

STM32WB USB Dongle

In order to enable the STM32WB USB Dongle to the bootloader mode, simply move the SW2 switch to the BOOT0 position:

Once you have enabled the bootloader mode, use our Wireless Stack Updater tool to easily program the wireless stack binary of your choice.