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Ultimate Android Custom Linux Embedded
Integrated building with GCC or LLVM  
Advanced CMake Project Subsystem
Advanced debugging with GDB
Advanced IntelliSense with CodeJumps
Interactive GDB session window
Integration with MinGW/Cygwin  
Barebone Embedded Target Support  
Arduino, NRFConnect, ESP-IDF, Mbed
GCC, Keil and IAR Compiler Support
Support for JTAG debugging
Live Watch, Visual Watch       
Building & Debugging Linux applications   
Raspberry PI and Beaglebone support  
Pre-debug & post-debug scripts  
Quick debug feature     
Per-user variables
Raw Terminal    
Embedded profiler, Software Tracing       
Unit Test Support    
Custom shortcuts       
Embedded RTOS Integration       
Other custom features       
Integration with Android tools    
Develop command-line Android tools       
Technical support 1 year
Free updates 1 year
(+VAT if applicable)
€329 / $339
€164 / $169
€184 / $189
€104 / $109
€94 / $99
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Academic discount 50% discount coupon upon proof of academic status
Renewal policy 50% off when renewing support/updates by 12 months*
* 50% discount applies when adding 12 months to the previous support/updates expiration date. Renewing after the expiration date will still add 12 months to the original expiration date. Orders renewed past a year after the expiration of support/updates qualify for a 10% discount instead and the new expiration date is set to 1 year after the renewal date.