VisualGDB Custom Edition Highlights

The following features are only available in the Custom and Ultimate editions of VisualGDB:


  • Recursively importing folder contents into VisualGDB projects
  • SSH Host Aliases
  • Command-line Android tools (requires Ultimate Edition)
  • Embedded thread plugins
  • Independently modify the host names of build/debug commands
  • Custom project wizard
  • Embedded Profiler
  • Code Coverage
  • Real-time Watch
  • Easy GUI for managing additional memories for embedded projects
  • Dynamic stack verifier
  • Unit test support (also supported in Android edition)
  • Creating and using Project Templates
  • Linux Profiler
  • Embedded Project Tracing using ETM
  • Dynamic Analysis of Linux Programs
  • Overriding source host and path for sysroot synchronization
  • Disabling automatic symbol loading for select shared libraries