Serious Cross-Platform for Visual Studio!

Intuitive solution to complex problems

VisualGDB allows easily creating new Linux projects, importing existing projects, attaching to processes, debugging pre-built executables and opening crash dumps with just a few mouse clicks. It can build and debug code directly on Linux, on Windows with a cross-compiler, or target one Linux machine from another one.

VisualGDB takes care of source uploading, binary deployment, IntelliSense configuration, settings validation and many more, allowing you to focus on your code.

Cross-toolchains for popular boards

VisualGDB comes with cross-toolchains for many popular Linux boards like Raspberry Pi (see full list) and will automatically download and configure one after you select it in the wizard.

It will handle deployment, debugging, symbols and provide a simple interface for synchronizing the sysroot between your toolchain and the device. 

Integration with popular build systems

VisualGDB can create Linux projects using GNU Make, CMake and Qt QMake or import existing projects. Powerful GUI makes sense of various complex settings and handles IntelliSense for you so you don't need to worry about them.

Importing complex CMake projects is easy. VisualGDB will automatically configure IntelliSense for them no matter how complex your CMake files are.

Source synchronization made easy

VisualGDB completely automates file synchronization tasks:

  • Auto-upload changed source files to Linux machines
  • Automatically setup shared folders on Windows or Linux
  • Cache Linux include directories for blazing fast IntelliSense
  • Auto-download missing sources when you step into them

An SSH client inside Visual Studio

Enjoy our built-in xterm-compatible terminal based on SmarTTY:

  • See your program output in a powerful terminal emulator
  • Open a background SSH shell with just one click
  • Quickly send files or entire directories in both directions
  • Support for mouse and function keys
  • Launch a multi-tabbed SSH client from any host selection dialog
  • Fast building and debugging - SSH connections are reused



Seamless unit test integration

VisualGDB supports CppUTest and GoogleTest frameworks for Linux projects out-of-the-box.

No matter if you build the projects remotely, or use a local cross-toolchain, you can use the regular Test Explorer window to run or debug tests on the Linux machine.

A separate command-line mode with XML reports makes continuous integration easy and straight-forward.

Kernel-mode debugging with VisualKernel

You can easily build and debug your Linux Kernel modules using a separate VisualKernel product based on the VisualGDB engine.

Read more about VisualKernel.