Embedded device support packages

This page provides links to board support packages and debug method packages that allow VisualGDB to automatically setup your embedded projects. Normally VisualGDB should download and install those automatically, however you can also install them manually by following the instructions on this page.

Board Support Packages (BSPs)

The packages below provide support for common device families:

Device family Package version Download link
Atmel AT91SAM7S MCUs (28 devices) 1.0 at91sam7s.vgdbxbsp
Atmel ARM Cortex Devices (240 devices) 1.0 sam-cortex-1.0.vgdbxbsp
Atmel ARM Cortex Devices (240 devices) 3.35.1 sam-cortex-3.35.1.vgdbxbsp
Freescale Kinetis MCUs (legacy) 1.3 kinetis-1.3.vgdbxbsp
Freescale Kinetis (KSDK) (362 devices) 1.3.2 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) kinetis_ksdk-1.3.2.vgdbxbsp
Freescale Kinetis (KSDK) (362 devices) 1.3 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) kinetis_ksdk-1.3.vgdbxbsp
Infineon XMC Devices (52 devices) 1.0 xmc-1.0.vgdbxbsp
Infineon XMC Devices (53 devices) 2.1.8 xmc-2.1.8.vgdbxbsp
ARM mbed (187 devices) 5.4.2R2 mbed-5.4.2R2.vgdbxbsp
ARM mbed (212 devices) 5.6.3r2 mbed-5.6.3r2.vgdbxbsp
ARM mbed (212 devices) 5.6.3r3 mbed-5.6.3r3.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF51 Devices (6 devices) 1.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-1.0.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF5x Devices (7 devices) 12.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-12.0.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF52x Devices (2 devices) 13.0r3 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-13.0r3.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF52x Devices (2 devices) 14.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-14.0.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF52x Devices (3 devices) 14.2R2 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-14.2R2.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF5x Devices (7 devices) 2.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-2.0.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF5x Devices (7 devices) 3.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-3.0.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF52 IoT (1 devices) 0.9 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-iot-0.9.vgdbxbsp
Nordic NRF5x Devices (legacy) (6 devices) 12.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.0+) nrf5x-12.0.vgdbxbsp
NXP LPC Devices (172 devices) 2.1 nxp_lpc-2.1.vgdbxbsp
NXP LPC Devices (160 devices) 2.2 nxp_lpc-2.2.vgdbxbsp
NXP LPC Devices (163 devices) 1.2 nxp_lpc_12.vgdbxbsp
Silabs EFM32 Devices (387 devices) 1.0 efm32-1.0.vgdbxbsp
Silabs EFM32 Devices (514 devices) 5.1.2 efm32-5.1.2.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (556 devices) 3.6 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-3.6.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (673 devices) 3.7r2 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-3.7r2.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (673 devices) 4.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.0.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (705 devices) 4.1 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.1.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (742 devices) 4.2 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.2.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (767 devices) 4.3 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.3.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (774 devices) 4.5R3 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.5R3.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (809 devices) 4.6R3 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.6R3.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (809 devices) 4.6R4 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.6R4.vgdbxbsp
STM32 Devices (809 devices) 4.7 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32-4.7.vgdbxbsp
STM32 W108 Device (1 devices) 1.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) stm32w108-1.0.vgdbxbsp
TI CC3200 Devices (2 devices) 1.0 cc3200-1.0.vgdbxbsp
TI CC3200 Devices (2 devices) 1.2 cc3200-1.2.vgdbxbsp
TI CC3200 Devices (2 devices) 1.3 cc3200-1.3.vgdbxbsp
TI CC3200 Devices (2 devices) 1.4 cc3200-1.4.vgdbxbsp
TI CC3200 Devices (2 devices) 3.0 cc3200-3.0.vgdbxbsp
TI CC3220 Devices (2 devices) 1.40.01 cc3220-1.40.01.vgdbxbsp
TI CC3220 Devices (2 devices) 1.60.00 cc3220-1.60.00.vgdbxbsp
TI MSP432 Devices (2 devices) 1.0 msp432-1.0.vgdbxbsp
TI Tiva Devices (71 devices) 1.0 tiva-1.0.vgdbxbsp
TI Tiva Devices (71 devices) tiva-
TI Tiva Devices (71 devices) tiva-

VisualGDB supports all Kinetis devices from KSDK 2.0 and later. This requires downloading KSDK 2.x from the Online KSDK builder and importing it into VisualGDB.

Embedded Debug Method Packages (EDPs)

The following packages provide easy support for common debug methods:

Debug Method Package version Download link
OpenOCD 20161025 openocd-20161025.vgdbxedp
OpenOCD 20170609-0.10.0 openocd-20170609.vgdbxedp
OpenOCD 20170808-0.10.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) openocd-20170808-0.10.0.vgdbxedp
OpenOCD 20170816-0.10.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) openocd-20170816-0.10.0.vgdbxedp
OpenOCD 20170821-0.10.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) openocd-20170821-0.10.0.vgdbxedp
OpenOCD 20171027-0.10.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) openocd-20171027-0.10.0.vgdbxedp
OpenOCD 20180112-0.10.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) openocd-20180112-0.10.0.vgdbxedp
OpenOCD 20180524-0.10.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) openocd-20180524-0.10.0.vgdbxedp
PyOCD 1.0 pyocd-1.0.vgdbxedp
Segger J-Link 3.6 segger-36.vgdbxedp
Segger J-Link 4.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) segger-dmsp-4.0.vgdbxedp
Segger J-Link 4.1 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) segger-dmsp-4.1.vgdbxedp
Segger J-Link 4.2 (requires VisualGDB 5.3+) segger-dmsp-4.2.vgdbxedp
Segger J-Link 5.0 (requires VisualGDB 5.4+) segger-dmsp-5.0.vgdbxedp


Embedded Framework Packages (EFPs)

Package Name Package version Download link
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.10 profiler-2.10.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.11 profiler-2.11.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.12 profiler-2.12.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.13 profiler-2.13.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.9 profiler-2.9.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 1.1 (requires VisualGDB 5.1+) profiler11.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.1 profiler21.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.2 profiler22.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.4 profiler24.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.5 profiler25.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.6 profiler26.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.7 profiler27.vgdbxefp
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 2.8 profiler28.vgdbxefp

Installation instructions

Normally VisualGDB will download and install BSPs and EDPs automatically.

If you don't have Internet connection on your development machine, download the packages you need using the links above. Then launch Visual Studio, click Tools->Embedded Tools Manager, select the BSP or EDP page and click "Install from file":