Embedded Device Support Packages

VisualGDB includes out-of-the-box support for most modern embedded devices. Simply select the device in the VisualGDB project wizard and it will automatically download the necessary files on your machine.

You can check whether a specific device is supported in the table below:


VisualGDB also supports several advanced device families that come with their own SDKs:

Board Support Packages (BSPs)

If your VisualGDB machine does not have an Internet connection, you can download the packages that add support for devices and debug methods below.

Device family Package version Download link
ARM mbed 5.9.2 mbed-5.9.2.vgdbxbsp (69 MB)
Atmel ARM Cortex Devices 3.35.2R3 sam-cortex-3.35.2R3.vgdbxbsp (1995 KB)
Atmel AT91SAM7S MCUs 1.0 at91sam7s-1.0.vgdbxbsp (2136 KB)
BlueNRG-LP Devices 2020.05 bluenrg-lp-2020.05.vgdbxbsp (1346 KB)
Freescale Kinetis (KSDK) 1.3.2 kinetis_ksdk-1.3.2.vgdbxbsp (28 MB)
Freescale Kinetis MCUs (legacy) 1.3 kinetis-1.3.vgdbxbsp (6292 KB)
Infineon XMC Devices 2.1.24R2 xmc-2.1.24R2.vgdbxbsp (2818 KB)
Microchip PIC32CM-MC Series Device Support 1.2.52 pic32cm-mc_dfp-1.2.52.vgdbxbsp (212 KB)
Microchip PIC32CX-SG Series Device Support 1.3.39 pic32cx-sg_dfp-1.3.39.vgdbxbsp (433 KB)
Microchip PIC32MK-GP Series Device Support 1.5.130 pic32mk-gp_dfp-1.5.130.vgdbxbsp (350 KB)
Microchip PIC32MK-MC Series Device Support 1.8.132 pic32mk-mc_dfp-1.8.132.vgdbxbsp (506 KB)
Microchip PIC32MM-GPL-0XX Series Device Support 1.2.33 pic32mm-gpl-0xx_dfp-1.2.33.vgdbxbsp (143 KB)
Microchip PIC32MM-GPM-0XX Series Device Support 1.2.31 pic32mm-gpm-0xx_dfp-1.2.31.vgdbxbsp (173 KB)
Microchip PIC32MX Series Device Support 1.5.259 pic32mx_dfp-1.5.259.vgdbxbsp (407 KB)
Microchip PIC32MZ-DA Series Device Support 1.4.118 pic32mz-da_dfp-1.4.118.vgdbxbsp (530 KB)
Microchip PIC32MZ-EC Series Device Support 1.3.44 pic32mz-ec_dfp-1.3.44.vgdbxbsp (260 KB)
Microchip PIC32MZ-EF Series Device Support 1.3.58 pic32mz-ef_dfp-1.3.58.vgdbxbsp (429 KB)
Microchip PIC32MZ-W Series Device Support 1.4.193 pic32mz-w_dfp-1.4.193.vgdbxbsp (256 KB)
NXP LPC Devices 2.2 nxp_lpc-2.2.vgdbxbsp (3415 KB)
Nordic NRF52 IoT 0.9 nrf5x-iot-0.9.vgdbxbsp (8630 KB)
Nordic NRF52x Devices 17.0 nrf5x-17.0.vgdbxbsp (108 MB)
Nordic NRF5x Devices (legacy) 12.0 nrf5x-legacy-12.0.vgdbxbsp (22 MB)
Raspberry Pi Pico 1.5.1 pico-1.5.1.vgdbxbsp (20 MB)
Redpine RS14100 Devices 1.1.3 rs14100-1.1.3.vgdbxbsp (13 MB)
Renesas ARM Devices 3.3.0 renesas-3.3.0.vgdbxbsp (12 MB)
STM32 Devices 2024.01 stm32-2024.01.vgdbxbsp (143 MB)
STM32 W108 Device 1.0 stm32w108-1.0.vgdbxbsp (3012 KB)
STM32H7R/S Devices 1.0.0 h7rs-1.0.0.vgdbxbsp (7009 KB)
STM32MP1 Devices 2024.01 stm32mp1-2024.01.vgdbxbsp (13 MB)
STM32WB Devices 2020.05 stm32wb-2020.05.vgdbxbsp (26 MB)
STM32WL55 Devices 2021.12 stm32wl-2021.12.vgdbxbsp (42 MB)
STM8 Devices 2022.01 stm8-2022.01.vgdbxbsp (16 MB)
SiFive Freedom E Devices 1.0 sifive-1.0.vgdbxbsp (976 KB)
Silabs EFM32 Devices 6.4.4 efm32-6.4.4.vgdbxbsp (4583 KB)
TI CC3200 Devices 3.0 cc3200-3.0.vgdbxbsp (1820 KB)
TI CC3220 Devices 5.20.00 cc3220-5.20.00.vgdbxbsp (34 MB)
TI MSP432 Devices 3.21 msp432-3.21.vgdbxbsp (326 KB)
TI Tiva Devices tiva- (5499 KB)

Embedded Debug Method Packages (EDPs)

The following packages provide easy support for common debug methods:

Debug Method Package version Download link
AVR AVaRICE support package 1.0 avarice-1.0.vgdbxedp (15 MB)
ESP32 debug methods 20231123 core-20231123.vgdbxedp (7293 KB)
ESP8266 debug methods 1.4 core-1.4.vgdbxedp (12 MB)
MCUXpresso RedLink 1.1 redlink-1.1.vgdbxedp (33 KB)
OpenOCD 20231002-0.12.0 openocd-20231002-0.12.0.vgdbxedp (7379 KB)
OpenOCD (Kendryte) 20200531-0.10.0 openocd-kendryte-20200531-0.10.0.vgdbxedp (18 MB)
OpenOCD (RISC-V) 20200623-0.10.0 openocd-20200623-0.10.0.vgdbxedp (13 MB)
OpenOCD (ST Fork) 20230713-0.12.0 st-20230713-0.12.0.vgdbxedp (7271 KB)
OpenOCD (STM32H7R/S) 20240421-0.12.0 h7rs-20240421-0.12.0.vgdbxedp (7516 KB)
OpenOCD (STM32MP1) 20200113-0.10.0 stm32mp1-20200113-0.10.0.vgdbxedp (18 MB)
OpenOCD (STM8) 20220118-0.11.0 openocd-20220118-0.11.0.vgdbxedp (7230 KB)
PyOCD 1.0 pyocd-1.0.vgdbxedp (1251 bytes)
Segger J-Link 6.0 segger-dmsp-6.0.vgdbxedp (588 KB)


Embedded Framework Packages (EFPs)

Package Name Package version Download link
Embedded Profiler and Fast Semihosting 5.5 profiler-5.5.vgdbxefp (56 KB)

Test Frameworks

Framework Name Framework version Download link
CppUTest 3.8 CppUTest-3.8r2.vgdbxtfp (85 KB)
GoogleTest 20231020-1.10.0 googletest-20231020-1.10.0.vgdbxtfp (353 KB)
TinyEmbeddedTest 2.1 tinyembtest-2.1.vgdbxtfp (9648 bytes)

Auxiliary Packages

Package Name Package version Download link
Arduino Build Tools ArduinoTools- (9291 KB)
GNU gperf 3.0.1 gperf-3.0.1-xz.vgdbxpkg (41 KB)
Python 3.11.5 python-3.11.5.vgdbxpkg (23 MB)
Python 3.x 3.8.10 python3-3.8.10-xz.vgdbxpkg (37 MB)
Qt5 tools for CMake 5.15.2 qt5cmake-5.15.2-xz.vgdbxpkg (3662 KB)
Qt6 tools for CMake 6.4.2 qt6cmake-6.4.2.vgdbxpkg (4509 KB)
Raspberry Pi Pico SDK Tools 1.2.0 PicoTools-1.2.0-xz.vgdbxpkg (578 KB)
XMing XMing- (1682 KB)
ccache 3.7.11 ccache-3.7.11-xz.vgdbxpkg (454 KB)
cmake cmake- (6656 KB)
python27 2.7.17 python27-2.7.17-xz.vgdbxpkg (22 MB)
qt4tools qt4tools- (2423 KB)
qt5tools qt5tools- (10177 KB)

Installation instructions

Normally VisualGDB will download and install BSPs and EDPs automatically.

If you don't have Internet connection on your development machine, download the packages you need using the links above. Then launch Visual Studio, click Tools->VisualGDB->Manage VisualGDB Packages, select the package and click "Install a package from file":