Supported embedded device families

VisualGDB supports the following device families: 

Device familyTarget
Atmel AT91SAM7S MCUs arm-eabi
Atmel ARM Cortex Devices arm-eabi
Freescale Kinetis MCUs (legacy) arm-eabi
Freescale Kinetis (KSDK) arm-eabi
Infineon XMC Devices arm-eabi
ARM mbed arm-eabi
Nordic NRF52x Devices arm-eabi
Nordic NRF52 IoT arm-eabi
Nordic NRF5x Devices (legacy) arm-eabi
NXP LPC Devices arm-eabi
Silabs EFM32 Devices arm-eabi
STM32 Devices arm-eabi
TI CC3200 Devices arm-eabi
TI CC3220 Devices arm-eabi
TI MSP432 Devices arm-eabi
TI Tiva Devices arm-eabi
TI MSP430msp430

If your device family is not listed, contact us to request support for it or follow the legacy device tutorial to create a project for your device manually.


Supported JTAG/SWD debug probes

VisualGDB directly supports the following debug probes:

  • Segger J-Link
  • ST-Link 1.0, 2.0, 2.1
  • Olimex USB-OCD
  • Olimex USB-OCD-H
  • Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H
  • Olimex JTAG-TINY
  • TinCanTools Flyswatter
  • CC3200 Launchpad

If your debug probe is not listed here, you may still be able to use it with VisualGDB:

  • If it is supported by OpenOCD, you will be able to use it by selecting its OpenOCD script in VisualGDB debug settings.
  • If it comes with a vendor-supplied GDB stub, you can configure VisualGDB to use the custom stub

If you have any questions about debug probes, or would like to request support for a different probe, contact our support.