GDB is not responding

VisualGDB displays this window when an underlying command sent to the GNU Debugger (GDB) takes too long time to complete. This can be normal if you are using slow debug transports or targets (such as Android emulator) or might mean that GDB has hung or the connection to the target has been lost.

If you see the window often, but the debug session eventually recovers, your underlying debugging transport is too slow:

  • If you are debugging with a software emulator, try using a real device instead.
  • If you are debugging remotely over a network, try making a faster connection to the target.

If the debugging session never recovers (i.e. the window persists over 5 minutes), there might be a bug in GDB or your GDB setup:

  • Please consider updating the GDB version you are using.
  • Please ensure that you are using the latest versions of all tools.