Creating MinGW64 applications with Visual Studio

This tutorial shows how to create a MinGW64-based application with Visual Studio and debug it on the assembly-level.

  1. Download and install VisualGDB. Open Visual Studio, select File->New Project->VisualGDB:01-newproj
  2. On the first page of the wizard select “A Windows application”:02-winapp
  3. On the next page select “Create a new project -> Application”: 03-exe
  4. If you have not installed MinGW64 yet, select the auto-download option from the list:04-mingw64
  5. VisualGDB will show a list of versions available for download. Please select one and press OK:05-toolchain
  6. The download will automatically begin in the background. Select an installation directory, review the toolchain license and check the checkbox if you accept it. The installation will be started:06-install
  7. Once the toolchain is installed it will appear in the normal toolchain list in the wizard. Press Finish to complete the wizard without changing advanced options:07-selected
  8. VisualGDB will automatically check the toolchain consistency and detect which tools are available:08-test
  9. If you want to auto-configure IntelliSense at this point, answer “yes” to the VisualGDB prompt:09-intellisense
  10. Your Visual Studio project will be now created. Press Ctrl-Shift-B to build it.10-build
  11. Set a breakpoint anywhere in the code and press F5 to start debugging. If you want to review the disassembled code, right-click anywhere in the source code and select “Go to Disassembly”:11-disasm